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Newest Manuscripts

Death Registers Johann Georg Schmidhuber, 1847 1878

This document provides excerpts from parish registers in the Passau Diocese (19th century), which were recorded by priest Johann Georg Schmidhuber from 1857 to 1889. Johann Georg Schmidhuber served as priest in the parishes Walburgskirchen (1857-1867), Passau-Hals (1867-1874), Straßkirchen (1874-1882), Altötting (1882-1889). The original documents are held by the Passau Diocesan Archives and can be fully viewed on http://data.matricula-online.eu/de/deutschland/passau/

Letters To The Government Of Bengal, 1790

Copies of letters sent to the Government of Bengal by botanists, including Robert Kyd and Dr William Roxburgh, reporting on the cultivation of Mawah and Teak trees, the discovery of a new species of Indigo (Nerium tinctorium), and attempts to propagate the Cochineal insect in the Calcutta Nopalry garden. The letters are written in a large, consistent italic cursive. The writer often embellishes capital letters with flourishes, and uses ampersands (&). Contracted words are often indicated with superscript final letters.

Universitätsprotokoll (Kurrent), 1827

This document is a fair copy of a collection of minutes of the formal meetings of the head office of the University of Greifswald in 1827-1828. The original document is hold by the University Archive Greifswald. The fair copy is kept in cursive letters.

Dutch Notarial Paper, About 1600

This document is a dutch notarial book, written about 1600.